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Learn what healthy habits you and your kids can develop to grow as a healthy family. What makes health so valuable and important is that it provides us with improved quality time and energy to spend with our families. A healthy child is important to every parent so they may learn optimally and grow to be well rounded adults. Healthy parents are essential to every family as their habits are passed on to the children through modeling. Conversely, when a parent is unhealthy, it places serious stress on the other parent and the children, which can compromise the entire family dynamic. Proactive Healthcare focusses on laying the right foundation from the beginning to grow as a healthy family together.


Learn what foods and supplements will give you the most bang for your effort. It is inevitable that we will come into contact with viruses and bacteria. It is how well we fight them off that defines a healthy immune system.


We learn by what we experience and not so much by what we are told. Make sure your dietary choices send the best message to your children. Learn the best way to introduce food into your child’s diet so that it provides the most nutrient density and is hypoallergenic.


As sources and levels of pollution continue to rise exponentially and uncontrollably, never has it been more important to reduce our exposure to chemicals in the home. We know they increase our risk of obesity, cancer, chronic disease and cognitive issues. And we can vote with our dollars by purchasing chemical free products for skincare and cleaning supplies that will ensure that there are safe choices in the marketplace in the future.


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