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These no bake delights are fast, easy and a great way to enjoy a sweet.

2 cups organic quick oats (you can also use the gluten free variety)

1 cup organic shredded coconut

1/2 cup vegan chocolate chips

2-3 tbsp pure maple syrup (depends how sweet you like it) 🙂

2 tbsp sunflower seed butter

2 tbsp almond butter , organic peanut butter, cashew butter or tahini  (your choice)

Add oats, coconut, chocolate chips and maple syrup to a big bowl and stir with a spoon. Add nut and seed butters and continue to stir.  At this point it is often best to use your hands to combine ingredients evenly. If mixture seems too dry, you can add a bit more nut or seed butter. You can also add 1 tbsp of water which will also help to combine the mixture.  Roll into balls and store in the fridge. Eat with a loved one or when a sweet craving surfaces.


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